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We have been creating and delivering exceptional 3D Virtual Tours using the latest in Matterport Pro 2 camera technology for over 5 years. Virtualtour 3D is able to service clients nationwide across Australia’s major metropolitan areas and South East Queensland, Darling Downs and Wide Bay Regional centres. All virtual tours are browser based and accessible by all devices on any of the major browsers. The tours are able to be viewed in VR with the use of an acceptable VR headset such as an Oculus.

Virtualtour 3D has been an active Matterport Service Provider for over 5 years and we have built and delivered over 1500 Virtual Tours in this time. Our experience is extensive across Real Estate, Commercial, Aged Care, Manufacturing, Waste Management and we are particularly experienced in dealing with Builders on both Display Home marketing and Pre-Handover models and photography. Our clients use our models primarily for marketing purposes but also for asset management, insurance, induction and historical views of their premises.


The obvious benefit of creating a virtual tour of a premise is that anyone anywhere can effectively view and visit your premise. Marketing has evolved over the years with Photography being the mainstay (and still is) of presenting a view of a property for sale or a commercial premise. Video became very popular as a way to take a viewer on a journey and present information that the seller and or company wants you to see.A Virtual Tour enables people to tell their own story when viewing a model. They are able to navigate to the area’s that are of the most interest to them and spend as much time as they like exploring and understanding that area. Potential buyers and clients have become more savvy towards traditional marketing methods and often will not trust an image or a video. How often have you heard the comment “That room looked larger in the photos” or “I did not see that in the video”. Allow people to view areas of a premise that are important to them in their own time at their own pace and from the safety of their own Home.
Although Real Estate is a large part of the Virtual Tour market (see this article from realestate.com.au https://www.realestate.com.au/news/real-estate-3d-virtual-tours-of-properties-help-locked-down-melburnians-hunt-for-homes/) a huge part of our business is helping builders both large and small promote their display homes and show just built properties allowing potential clients the ability to look at a display (be it existing or historical as a virtual tour can be kept for as long as needed so a display is not unavailable after the builder has moved on) or see the quality of workmanship on just finished projects.If you are a small builder how beneficial would it be to you to be able to have multiple virtual display homes available to potential clients instead of possibly only one or two currently available display homes?

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