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Matterport services in Fraser Coast

Matterport in Fraser Coast

Builders are increasingly relying on digital media to promote and sell as yet unbuilt properties.  We are able to create high quality accurate Virtual Tour walkthroughs of any structure simply from a 2D floorplan.  Allow potential buyers to walk around an apartment before it is built.

We can even add accurate external views by wrapping an aerial panorama around the model, so that when they look out the window, they actually see a very good indication of what the view will be like when the building is completed, showcasing the stunning sights of Fraser Coast

Clients building a bespoke, customized home may struggle to envision the property’s appearance or how it will feel inside from a simple 2D drawing. Send the plan to us, and we will create and furnish a home that will allow the client to actually be inside their as yet unbuilt property, immersing themselves in the unique charm and allure of Fraser Coast.

We have had clients modify their designs based on their experience within one of our 3D tours.  Far better that the client realise they will not have the line of sight they are looking for from a position in their new home before it is built rather than after.

It is also a brilliant tool for the buyer to be able to plan their styling and furnishing of their new home whilst construction is taking place.  We are not an interior design company and as such we will furnish as close to the clients style guidelines but this is not a tool to continually modify and change the furnishings of the property.

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