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Virtual Staging – Photos

We are able to take a photo of an empty room and insert furniture and items to virtually stage the image.  This is extremely useful for Real Estate agents when a house is empty but you wish to show potential buyers what the house could look like and for Builders if you have a house that you have completed and are not using as a display home but would like to show clients what the home could look like when furnished.

We are able to remove furniture first before virtually staging the image however this is at an additional cost as it can be alengthy process.  

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Virtually stage a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

If we have completed a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour for you on a property or location that is unfurnished we are able to Virtually stage this as well.  It does add time for loading as the extra furniture is additional 3D data that needs to be loaded.  It can be a very useful tool for Builders if they are building a home for a client that we have already cpatured a model of unfirnished as the client can brief us on the style of furnishings they would like and we can insert furniture into the model for them.  Of course we also have the ability to create a Virtual Tour from just a floorplan and style with our 3D Walkthrough Virtual Tour service. 

Other 3d Virtual Services

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

Immersive 3D experiences so real, they're like being there

Matterport 360 Virtual Tour

A lower cost option to a 3D Virtual Tour. Similar Features, lower price

Virtual Staging

If your property is empty we can furnish with CGI furniture with in the Virtual Tour.

3D Virtual Tour

Create a realistic representation of an as yet unbuilt property from just a 2D floorplan

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