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Service provider for over 8+ years

Virtual Tour 3D specialises in Real Estate Marketing, Capturing properties for builders pre-handover, creating Virtual Tours of Builders Display Homes, Virtual Tours of Schools, Shopping Centres, and Manufacturing operations. We can create photo realistic immersive tours of as built structures or we can take a 2D plan and create a realistic 3D representation that you can virtually walk through.

We operate nationwide across Australia’s major metropolitan areas. South East Queensland (SEQ) and regional Queensland cities. Virtual tours can access through any internet browser on all devices. Additionally, they can view virtual reality (VR) through any VR headset. Virtualtour 3D has been an active
Matterport Service Provider for over 7+ years. Created over 1,000 3D models and specialises in the Real Estate and Building sectors.

Architectural Virtual tour in brisbane

Scans capture precise measurements of the space, creating an accurate digital replica of the interior and exterior of the building. This technology helps to reduce the margin of error in the measurement process. Provides a more detailed representation of the space than traditional measuring methods.

Matterport scans can be easily used to create a virtual tour for architectural projects. Allowing you to view the space from different angles, zoom in and out, and take measurements as needed. Here are some benefits of using Matterport for an architectural measure up for renovations:

Display Homes

From small family-owned builders to large corporate builders a virtual tour of your display homes is a must. Not only does it allow clients to tour your display homes, which are a major investment in their own right, but it will also allow you to build a catalogue of display homes of all of your different and varied plans and designs. We can include interactive content to guide a client through their journey and explain some of the frequently asked questions about building a property.

Your sales team will find it easier to talk through designs during phone enquiries by asking to send a link to the enquirier so that they can both walk through the house together. This not only makes phone enquiries more valuable but convenient as well as the client normally only calls when they have time to spare.

Utilise that window of opportunity to guide them through your display homes (even ones that are no longer available physically). This technology maximises your ROI on a display home as the display home will be available online for as long as you require it.

Town Houses

Selling your Town House? A virtual tour is a must. Not only does it allow potential buyers to tour your property, if you do need to stage your property with furniture that looks and feel will be available to view long after you have had to send the furniture back. Staging a property for sale can run into the thousands for a short time frame. If you have not been lucky enough to sell your property when your budget for staging runs out call us in to do a Virtual Tour before it is all removed. That way at least you can still promote your property digitally looking it’s best.

One can be onsite walking around and talking to their partner who is visiting the home virtually. Don’t risk losing a client you have worked so hard to get onsite. Give a buyer every opportunity to fall in love and see themselves living in your Town House.


Our 3D virtual tour and scanning technology can showcase your office space or commercial premises in a completely new way. Potential tenants can explore the property anywhere and anytime. Let them decide on exact desks/rooms/areas they want to rent or buy. Interactive text and links can connect to your reservation forms and online booking, show them still images or even link to videos. If you are looking for ways to help a potential client visualise how a space will look once fitted out then we can also create 3D virtual tours from 2D floor plans. Check out our 2D to 3D virtual tours.

How can 3D virtual tours & VR benefit Offices & Commercial Spaces?

Google or Bing search is usually the first point of call for anyone looking to rent office or desk space. The question is with so much choice for a potential tenant how do you captivate these potential clients? How do you introduce them to your space in the most immersive and engaging way possible?

Google Street view first introduced businesses to the concept of the virtual tour with the ‘View Inside’ feature on Google. Whilst this is a fantastic way to increase your click -throughs from Google it offers a relatively basic tour.

Our ‘next generation’ 3D virtual tours offer a completely immersive spell-binding tour of your space unlike anything a client will have seen or experienced before. Increase engagement of your online traffic.

Educational Establishment

How many schools have relied on international and out of state students to bring in much-needed revenue to their institution? Many educational institutions are seeing just how much of an impact losing these students makes to their overall financial performance. Why not let potential students walk your grounds, enter your buildings, spark up a zoom call with staff all from one window.

We can incorporate Aerial Panorama’s, ground panorama’s and interactive 3D models to bring your campus to life online. We all know that part of the decision on where to study comes down to the non-educational experience. More than just showing some static images let these potential students walk the grounds on their PC, or even through VR with the use of a capable headset.

Your institution will stand tall as an innovator and provider of the best interactive online content, and set you apart from the competition.

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