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Matterport 360 Virtual Tour:

We have recently launched a new lower cost budget service for creating high quality Virtual Tours. These tours are still created within the Matterport Ecosystem but are created using a Theta Z1 360 degree camera. The user experience is still the same as a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour however there are some differences:

  • Imagery is a slightly lower quality than the tours created with the Matterport Pro 2
  • The dollhouse view is not available
  • There is no Floorplan view
  • An accurate floorplan is not able to be created from a model created in this way
  • The system generated social media videos are not available
  • These models are hosted for 6 months initially (hosting can be extended at a very reasonable price).

These tours are perfect for Real Estate as it still allows a potential buyer to walk throughout the property and experience the property from anywhere at anytime.  We would always recommend the higher end Matterport 3D Virtual Tour for those properties in the higher end of the market but this product is perfect for the budget conscious seller and also for Rental properties.

Which product suits your needs best?

3D Virtual Tour
360 Virtual Tour

Other 3d Virtual Services

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

Immersive 3D experiences so real, they're like being there

Matterport 360 Virtual Tour

A lower cost option to a 3D Virtual Tour. Similar Features, lower price

Virtual Staging

If your property is empty we can furnish with CGI furniture with in the Virtual Tour.

3D Virtual Tour

Create a realistic representation of an as yet unbuilt property from just a 2D floorplan

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